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Where can I begin.... this wedding was just perfect! Like most Western weddings, Iranian weddings are broken up into two distinct parts- the aghd (ceremony) and the mehmoonee (reception). On this day we had everything fall together just beautifully. The sky was covered with fluffy clouds, like a perfect soft box feathering the light and illuminating my beautiful couple on their most happiest day!

By tradition the most important element of a Persian wedding is sofreyé aghd, a table which contains several highly symbolic items is in front of the bride and groom. Sofré is the word for tablecloth in Persian.

As the bride and groom are seated before the guests, a canopy is held above their heads by several women. While ceremony is taking place, happily married members of the family take turns grinding two sugar cones together so that the sugar granules fall into the canopy, symbolically showering the couple in sweetness. (How sweet is that!)

The Ragsheh Chagoo the Knife Dance is one of the many Persian traditions which gives families of the bride and groom an opportunity to show off with money. The idea behind the dance is for the couple to retrieve a knife from the dancers so that they can cut the cake.

The dance begins with one person performing a typical Persian dance, holding a knife and asking the couple for money. The couple is expected to give money to the dancer in return for the knife. Once the dancer gets the money he or she passes the knife on to the next dancer. Finally, the couple is given the knife with which they cut their wedding cake.

Ceremony was followed by a fun reception and a perfect warm night in San Diego. Two families becoming one and bringing their traditions to life on this beautiful night....

Happy life my friends <3

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